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Welcome to Pinky and Blue Boy Children's Boutique and Party Store!

We are a Louisiana based boutique design company! On the surface we sell personalized

handmade birthday party decorations, unique event & holiday supplies, home décor gifts as well

as children's boutique clothing and accessories, but you don’t have to shop with us long before you realize that what we really offer are memories. Memories are the reason why we started this

company! Every time you decorate for a party, mail out a customized invitation or dress your child in that new smocked outfit you are creating memories that will last a life time.

Most of the handmade party decorations are sold in three different ways; complete, Do-It-Yourself, or Digital (sold at our Etsy store PinkyandBlueBoyStore)! You get to decide if you would like to use your crafting talents or pay a little extra to have them delivered ready for your party! We try to ship worldwide.

If you have bought any products that helped make special memories in your life and you wouldn’t mind adding them to the photo gallery for our idea seeking customers – please email the photo(s) to




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rapunzel party decorations

Rapunzel Centerpiece

fabric customized wreath baby shower

Fabric Customized Wreath

pewter deviled egg tray

Pewter Egg Tray

bumble bee centerpiece decorations

Bumble Bee Centerpiece

elmo party favors labels

Elmo Party Theme



Most Popular

zebra hello kitty centerpiece birthday party decorations

Pink Zebra Hello Kitty Centerpiece

DIY small $10.00ea




minnie mouse zebra print personalzied birthday party centerpieces decorations pink

Pink Zebra Minnie Mouse Centerpiece

DIY small $10.00ea


sesame street birthday party decorations childrens parties

Sesame Street Centerpiece

DIY small $10.00ea


baby mickey mouse birthday party decorations first birthday baby shower light blue

Baby Mickey Centerpiece

DIY small $10.00ea